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SUNSET PEOPLES featuring the quad: brian chase (yeah yeah yeahs), joel stern (sky needle), anthony guerra (love chants) and emma ramsay (holy balm).
hollywood hotel. june 10, 2012.

supported by the debut performance of drum drum, expensive looks and cured pink.

it was a cool night. less hyper than the flinders show. chilled and pleasant. i guess this is all dictated by who plays with brian and to be perfectly honest there were less dirty gutter hipster kids here. well it’s organised by FBi’s adam lewis and i have perfect trust in his skillz of event planning. he also played a killer mix between sets.

drum drum was very nice. it was such a short set though. but comfortable and had a great groove.

cured pink… i think i told the guy in cured pink expensive looks was cured pink lol. i thought they were ok. i didnt like them as much as drum drum… but the drummer was so enigmatic! malkmus/jandek/jagger hybrid with unfolding arms and sullen eyes.

expensive looks. LOVE HIM. LOVE. lorena said it teminded her of late 80s early 90s club. hacienda-style. i just fell into it! the vocals were dreamy and the beats echoed. the time changes were patient and appropriate.

according to emma it was an improv set too. she is working with anthony and joel on a new project (unnamed) and they needed a vocalist for the night and they asked her.

it was wicked good! i think it flowed better than last tuesday’s set. i had to ask her if it was indeed improv. i guess also it’s more relaxed, a cool vibe, not so many people. i had a good night!